"EINBAND" = "Kizuna"

We began operations in 2012 as the brand "Kizuna", an original Japanese brand.
Eiband has the same meaning as "Kizuna" (bonds, connections) in German.

"Simply by everyone, one by one, wearing these, a connection (kizuna) is born"

"We can live at the same time, together"

The brand was launched from a desire to create a brand along these lines.
Einband's logo is a characteristic cool design that reflects this.
It's designed in the image of the tip of a watch's second hand.

Why a watch?
The reason is... a watch has the meaning of "we want to spend the same time together", so we created a design with a watch as the motif.

  日本原創品牌,2012 年以「絆」的品牌名義展開活動。
EINBAND 在德語中意指「羈絆」。




,因此創立了 EINBAND。
EINBAND 的品牌 LOGO 以個性設計為特色,


因此以時鐘為靈感設計了品牌 LOGO。